Elementor #2

Our Mission Statement

We strive to share and provide ideas, concepts, opinions and opportunities for the fetish community in an unbiased way with a safe environment for users to explore their own identity.

For The Community, By The Community

No one in the community assumes they are an expert and we all have information and ideas that can help anyone that has an open mind. We try our best to gather information and experiences from across the community and compile them into one place so the content is not biased to one persons experiences but to have content made by the entire community to inspire those who are newly curious and those who are also long time veterans.

There is no “Right” Way

No limitation can ever be put on your fetish and imagination. Your comfort is a gauge of both your expectations as well as an internal subconscious signal about how you can best create a pleasing mindset for yourself. By putting limits on a fetish, you put restrictions on your experience and serve the design of another, which never should be the case. In a group context, the above declarations remain the same. No one can judge you, nor should they. Never concede the right to create your own experience. It’s your fetish, no amount of time or knowledge can erase that fact.

Non-Profit Educational Program

Nerdy Doggo is a non-profit project, we strive to keep the website advert free and any money raised will be fed directly into our programs to give back to the community to help strengthen and support it for future generations.