2018 Australian Pup and Handler Competition

2018 Australian Pup and Handler Competition

2018-06-30 0 By Taylor Cook

The concept behind the APHC is to provide an opportunity for the community to select who they think represents them best. It’s not a popularity contest, not a best-in-show contest, it’s a community competition open to all.

Nerdy Doggo supported APHC in 2017 and in 2018 because of its support to welcome all genders and sexualities and help the Australian community launch a new type of event for the Oceanic community as a whole. We wanted to help get the the proof of concept off the ground and in a sustainable way which it has done very quickly.

This year we raised funds, coordinate fundraising and offered graphic design services to help in its promotion.

We hope for the best in the future for the competition and this will be our final year supporting it to get off the ground. We are already looking at other major events to help support to get off the ground like the Howlers of The South pup camp.